About Us/

The Services Recognition Feather is a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation. We provide international recognition for the family and friends who provide, or have provided, significant support to service personnel. That includes family and friends of people the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigades, and other Defence and Emergency Services across all United Nations member states.


Our mission statement is to:
deliver improved education, research and health awareness for the public that provide significant support to service personnel.”


We are the only non government organisation with this focus and international reach, uniting the international services and improving broader community appreciation for the people behind the parade. Initially, this will include a focus on raising community awareness in relation to TheSRF Medal. The high quality, hand crafted silver medal is in the shape of a feather and is available exclusively to family and friends who provide, or have provided significant support to service personnel.


As part of our commitment to the international community, The Services Recognition Feather are the only organisation in the world to run the Recognition Leadership education program, which develops global leaders in the provision of recognition. To view the program, visit the education page here.