What is The Services Recognition Feather (TheSRF)?

The Services Recognition Feather (TheSRF) is a medal acknowledging the commitment and sacrifice made by family and friends who provide or have provided significant support to service personnel in the Army, Navy, Airforce, Police, Ambulance, Emergency Services and Fire Brigades in all United Nations member states.  The medal is a significant international symbol of recognition and unifies people directly impacted by the services nationally and internationally.  It raises community awareness and appreciation of the many people impacted by the unique role of personnel who chose to work in service to their nation.

Who is eligible for TheSRF Medal?

Families and friends of service people are eligible for TheSRF Medal. This can be parents, siblings, children, partners (married or unmarried), grandparents, grandchildren, extended family, and friends of great support. If you believe you have contributed to the love and support of a service person, or have been directly impacted by the role your loved one undertakes/undertook in the services. TheSRF is available to the aforementioned both during life of the service person or posthumously.

Who started The Services Recognition Feather and what connection do they have to the services?

The Services Recognition Feather was founded by Carley Scott and Péta Phelan. Both women have a family history that is tied to the services and a strong passion for developing a community through respect and support.

Why do families and friends deserve to be recognised?

Families and friends of service people deserve to be recognized for many reasons. When a person ‘signs-up’ to be a member of the services, their families and friends are also ‘signed-up’ to be members of the broader services community. Families and friends formally or informally experience their own version of a ‘service life.’   Their lives are impacted heavily by the rigors and dedication required when someone serves their country and community. This can include time away from home, the absence of a loved one for important or special occasions and emotional stress. Families and friends deserve recognition because they sacrifice so much to support to their loved ones who serve their country and community. For these many silent sacrifices, we believe it is time to formally acknowledge the people behind the parade through an international, independent and unified medal.

Why not leave family recognition to the services?

The establishment of an independent body minimizes bureaucratic process and empowers an international community to award and recognise people in its own community. We believe the right to judge someone as worthy of this type of award can only respectfully be given back to the community, to those who provide the support or receive it.

How do I acquire TheSRF Medal?

The Services Recognition Feather can be purchased either by the service person, or by those eligible in support of that service person. The Services Recognition Feather can also be sponsored and provided to eligible recipients, family and friends of service people who have provided significant support.

My family member/friend is in the services, can I purchase TheSRF Medal for myself?

Yes. If you have provided support to your loved one in the services.

Can I purchase more than one of TheSRF Medals?

Yes. TheSRF is available to families and friends of service people. The Services Recognition Feather supports the recognition of all family members and friends who provide significant support, each person should be acknowledged and recognized by receiving and wearing TheSRF. If you wish to purchase The Services Recognition Feather on behalf of another family member or friend, it is your right to do so.

My family member/friend is no longer in the services, can I still purchase TheSRF Medal?

Yes. The Services Recognition Feather is available to family and friends of those serving currently, those who have served in the past, and those who have served but are now deceased.

How are the funds from The Services Recognition Feather distributed?

All funds raised by The Services Recognition Feather are reinvested into programs and/or actions that support the continued recognition of families and friends of service people.

Is there a display protocol for TheSRF Medal?

The Services Recognition Feather is to be worn over the left breast of the clothing in an upright position (quill down).  The feather may be worn informally or to formal occasions. Formal occasions are determined by the wearer and may include events such as a graduations, weddings, days of national service significance and any day dedicated to the nation or sovereignty.

What is the symbolism behind TheSRF Medal?

There is very strong symbolism in regards to the shape and type of feather used, the colour of the feather, and the various elements embedded into the design.

The Feather Shape:
The feather shape is designed using the ‘remiges’, the large flight feathers that support the bird during flight. The broadened feather of TheSRF is consistent with flight feathers that are responsible for soar and lift in the bird. Every flight feather is held together by the ‘calamus’ (the feather follicle), a strong central core to which all fibres are attached. Just as people are called on to play a core stabilizing role in their families from time to time.

The Colour Silver
The colour silver has much symbolism; perseverance, love, kindness and reliability. It is a distinguished colour. The saying ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ also recognises that silver is seen as a colour of hope and optimism.

Design Element – The Number 3
The feather design has three notches within it; two on the right and one on the left.

In some philosophies the left is seen as ‘spirit’ whilst the right is seen as the ‘physical’. The three notches acknowledge the commitment family and friends provide through their mind , body and spirit.

The number three is also considered a sacred number across many societies on Earth. It can be seen throughout religion and spirituality in the form of the Holy Trinity (Christianity), the Trimurty & Trivedi (Hindu), the Triple Gem (Buddhism) and the Three Pure Ones (Taoism). These religious references to the number can support, just as with TheSRF vision hopes to, a connectedness where different elements of a whole are respected.

Finally, a three sided figure, the triangle.  The triangle is known structurally for its ability to share a load and is one of the strongest forms.

For these reasons, the number three has been integrated as an integral design element in The Services Recognition Feather.

What materials is TheSRF Medal made from?

The Services Recognition Feather is made from a high grade 92.5% silver using age old hand crafted manufacturing processes.