Our Mission


To strengthen an international community network through awareness, appreciation, support, esteemed gratitude and recognition of the ongoing sacrifice and support provided by the family and friends of service personnel.

Our Promise

TheSRF is an international symbol of recognition and unifies people directly impacted by the services nationally and internationally. It raises community awareness and appreciation of the many people impacted by the unique role of personnel who choose to work in service to their nation.

We believe that the TheSRF is vital for the following reasons:
- providing significant unified international and community lead recognition for the people behind    
   the parade
- nurturing hope, strength and understanding
- creating international and inter-service community bonds
- providing service people with a structured and significant opportunity to say a heartfelt ‘thank-you’


Our Core Values

1. Recognition
TheSRF provides the community with an opportunity to understand and show appreciation for the sacrifice and support of family and friends of service people, and in doing so, enables the community to nominate and recognise people they value for their very personal contributions to the lives of service personnel. 

2. Empowerment
TheSRF empowers service people, encouraging them to recognise and reward their families and friends by saying:
- Thank-you
- We acknowledge your contributions and sacrifices
- You deserve formal recognition
- Your support is important

3. Inclusion
TheSRF does not discriminate based on factors such as: age, gender, marriage and relationship status, sexual orientation, religion, culture, rank, etc. In fact, TheSRF actively encourages that people of diverse backgrounds, from all United Nations member states across a variety of services, share a common platform of recognition and acknowledgement.

4. Supporting Change
TheSRF contributes to the development of a consistent, global community who support one another through significant challenges and changes that are unique to the services community.