Statements of Support

On this page you will find the ‘Statements of Support’ and quotes about The Services Recognition Feather from leaders in the services, from people who believe in TheSRF,  from those who have either presented or received the medal, and from TheSRF Ambassadors.


Statements of Support/







“A strong support network is vital for the effective functioning and motivation of service people. Members of this support network are held in the highest esteem amongst service people and the general public for their dedication. I am thankful and often inspired by the actions and commitment of our service men and women and their supportive families and friends. The SRF represents a worthy cause and is globally recognised and respected for its acknowledgement of the important role played by family and friends of service people. I wish TheSRF every success in recognizing and acknowledging the contributions of families and friends of service people for years to come.”

– His Excellency General Sir Peter Cosgrove AC MC CNZM, Australian Governor General, Former Chancellor of Australian Catholic University, Former Chief of Defence, Australian of the Year 2001


Statements of Support/

“What people outside the services don’t tend to understand is that as a services community we are all in this together. Whether you serve in the ADF, Police, Fire Services, Emergency Services, or any of the others, we are all one big family. We look after each other. If someone is killed, we all grieve, we know what their family is going through. I love the feather (TheSRF) because it will be a symbol that everyone can recognise straight away, and it means we can support one another even better because we know who our family is”

– Mr. Keith Payne VC OAM OAM DSC (USA) SS (USA) C of G (RSVN)


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“Service men and women have had life-long backing from their families and loved ones.  The Services Recognition Feather is a beautiful way for them to be recognised by their loved one in the services.  I am very proud to be an Ambassador for The Services Recognition Feather.”

– Mr. Michael Pratt GC, Former Police Officer (Victoria), George Cross Recipient


Statements of Support/

“For too long those who provide unstinting support to people engaged in community service through Defence, Police, Fire, Ambulance and other Emergency Services have gone unrecognised.  The Feather (SRF) acknowledges in a tangible way those who support the front line operators, who, without that support, might struggle to cope with often stressful circumstances.  I am proud to play a part as an SRF Ambassador in promoting this brilliant internationally recognisable symbol of a common interest.”

– Mr. Kelvin Glare  AO  APM  O.St.J, Former Chief Commissioner of Police (Victoria)


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“I feel so honoured and excited to be such a big part of TheSRF as an Ambassador, and commend TheSRF on bringing such a wonderful cause to fruition. I know personally that I could not have achieved what I have in my own career without the support of my wife, family and friends. There is no way service personnel could do their role on an everyday basis, without the love, support, and commitment of their families and friends – they are necessary for us to be able to do what we do and serve the community on a daily basis.”

– Mr. Peter Davidson, Air Ambulance M.I.C.A., Flight Paramedic and Team Leader


Statements of Support/

“TheSRF (Feather) is a symbol that emergency service and military service members and families can recognise as a symbol of belonging, support appreciation and collectiveness.”

– Mr. Steve McGhie, General Secretary, Ambulance Employees Australia.