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What is the Services Recognition Feather (TheSRF Medal)?

TheSRF Medal acknowledges the commitment and sacrifice made by family and friends who provide or have provided significant support to service personnel in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigades, and other Defence and Emergency Services in all United Nations member states. TheSRF Medal is a significant international symbol of recognition and unifies people directly impacted by the services nationally and internationally. It raises community awareness and appreciation of the many people impacted by the unique role of personnel who chose to work in service to their nation.


Who is Eligible?
Families and friends of service people are eligible for TheSRF Medal. This can be parents, siblings, children, partners (married or unmarried), grandparents, grandchildren, extended family, and friends of great support. If you believe you have contributed to the love and support of a service person, or have been directly impacted by the role your loved one undertakes/undertook in the services. TheSRF Medal is available to the aforementioned both during life of the service person or posthumously.


Historically, the feather has held a potent international symbolism as a sign of virtue, peace, worthiness and transcendence. Reflecting on the wings of angels, the feather is a catalyst for courage, The colour silver is a sign of unconditional love and kindness. For more information on the feather symbolism please click here.


For more detailed information regarding TheSRF Medal, please see TheSRF FAQs